Sunday, December 23, 2007

Encyclopaedia of Dee!

I am taking part in a challenge over at PBP very flexible, basically just do an A-Z of you in blog posts! SO here is A!

a [anya]
Ah my baby girl. She is such a sweet bubba, and so placid, always giving us lots and lots of smiles and laughs. She has brought such sunshine to our lives, we are so blessed to have two beautiful girls, they really are the centre of our world.

a [attachment parenting]
I hesitate to label parenting, but I strive to parent with many of the ideals of AP, most days I feel like I am doing really well, but other days GOSH its hard! Its so hard to parent this way! Maybe not with babies, AP is easy with babies, but toddlers .. especially 3 year olds... HARD! But we are getting there and as long as I can keep reminding myself why I want to parent 'this' way its all good :)

a [australia]
The land down under! I am a born & raised kiwi, moved out to Australia 10 years ago! (after I finished high school) I have grown to love this country, I do miss NZ at times, especially now that Mum has moved back. Without Australia I would not have met Damien, nor would I have my two girls. My life would be very different.


anastasia_wolf said...

Oh cool idea! Maybe I should steal it hehe (although I probably won't be able to think about anything LOL!)

Chris said...

Just popping in Dee to wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas and a very happy New Year. Wishing you peace and happiness and see you in the new year chicki.

Hugs Chris xxoo

Sister Suffragette! said...

Oh lovely stuff Dee. Anya sounds just amazing, and I love Australia so much too!!! It feels stupid to say so, but I really am grateful for this beautiful place to raise my kids. And the attachment parenting. Yes- really really hard with a toddler. I am reaffirming my commitment as a New Yers thingy! Easy with smiley baby- hard with over-tired toddler but so so worth doing.
Hope you had a lovely Christmas1