Thursday, August 02, 2007

5ish Weeks to go

The end is drawing closer! With Stacey & Shae just about to pop its getting so exciting.
I am getting some pre-laboury type contractions, and my pelvis/pubic bone thingy is giving me grief so the thought of 5+ more weeks of this *wahhhhhh* BUT bub needs to stay put for at least another 2 weeks, I want my homebirth dammit!

So apart from aches and pains and whinges, things are going pretty ok.
House is a pigsty, want to clean it up today, will write myself a list and just hope I don't overdo it.
We are heading up the coast on Saturday, coming back down monday as we have an appt with midwife on tuesday. Going back up wednesday and staying up there till Friday probably.

Damiens brother & SIL are coming up from melb so want to spend time with them :)
Laurens birthday party is on Sunday 12th so have heaps I need to get sorted for that too!
Have pretty much got all the things on my birth list so thats something!
Struggling at times with Laurens 3year oldness and my lack of patience, we are far too similar .. its scary.

SO blah blah blah

My list:
  • Tidy up study: put away clothing, paper that is everywhere, organise desks
  • Tidy Laurens room, put some of her clothes into storage
  • Tidy Lounge room
  • Do pick up/tidy in dining room, Laurens craft corner
  • Tidy kitchen do dishes


anastasia_wolf said...

That list doesn't look like not overdoing it :P.

Argh they need to invent a teleport machine...

Grace said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :D Have a great weekend away :)