Monday, August 20, 2007

Give me strength

The last couple of days I have ZERO patience & tolerance for Lauren.
I realise that being unwell probably plays a part, but it feels like she is constantly pushing my buttons!

I mean its only 7.23am and I feel like I have been yelling/grousing at her for hours already, as much as she has been yelling/grousing at me. I am SICK of hearing "I SAID I wanted to do it" when she said no such bloody thing, and its usually after I have done something that cannot be undone. I just want her to go away and for me to be able to do my thing.
She isnt that well either but aaaaaaarghhhhhhhhhh, I just want a little bit more patience to be able to deal with her.

The house is a fricken pigsty, Damien didnt vacumn again, and its horrible so I need to do it today. I need to have this house tidy, so today will be spent cleaning up.
Yesterday afternoon I cleaned the grouting in the shower with a toothbrush/bicarb & lots of elbow grease, surprisingly it didn't make anything hurt! I think I need a tidy house to enable me to have a better headspace.

I'm sick of stuff everywhere, and mess and *tantrum*

Edited to add some photos, to remind myself she can be sweet


katef said...

oooooh she is gorgeous.. if a tad trying at times....

And I am almost not game to say it.. but.. um... nesting??? I wanted to KILL people who said that to me, like cleaning the house can make a baby born, hell no! But hmm maybe it is a good start!

Gab said...

i feel for u babe! wanna come and help u to get that headspace cos i so remember that feeling when i waiting on TA to be born.. it's HORRIBLE and the problem is that even if people help, u don't want to have to ask... why can't someone invent something to help men mindread heavily pregnant women's minds dammit? I'd buy one for every expecting father i knew cos the majority need help having a clue... but to be fair, it's prob cos they have never been and never will be able to understand how much more limited u are in movement and energy at this stage.
All i can say is with everything, as much as u can, accept and even if it's nutty, somehow find a way to celebrate it rather than fighting and resisting it. It will help u feel a lot less pressure i hope...

Jodie said...

Oh gosh {Big Hug}... so glad to hear that I am not the only one who has days like that! Hang in there.