Monday, August 27, 2007

Lovely morning

So we had a lovely morning out yesterday :)
But then an icky evening with a very overtired Lauren & Mummy.
I fell asleep laying with Lauren to get her to sleep so then when it came to bedtime for me I couldn't get to sleep till about 2am .. FUN, at least Lauren slept in till 6.30ish

So another beautiful sunny day today, will try and make the most of it.

Starting to think bub isn't listening and/or isn't going to be ready to come till closer to due date, which is closer to Lauren's birthday, I really wanted to avoid their birthdays being too close together but *sigh* obviously nothing I can do about that :(

So taking each day as it comes, trying to ignore the prelaboury/BHs cause they never come to anything.

Edited to add:
Mum came and took Lauren for the morning for me, which is good for both of us so I dont end up snapping at her. I just got back from having my haircut and enjoying a nice leisurely lunch .. I am VERY full now though ;)
Here are some pics of my hair (taken with iSight camera so not so great


katef said...

Have been thinking about you girly.. specially yesterday arvo at Rach's! Glad to hear you are out and about and enjoying things as much as you can! *hugs*

Rae said...

Great hair! :)

Gab said...

beautiful do :D
now ur hair is done, ur right to go hey!! :D hehe
Full moon tonight - do u know my thing about full moons and babies? If you're keen to hurry it up, go out and howl a bit and see what u can bring on hehehe!

Grace said...

That haircut looks fab on you Dee! C'mon down Dax, there are so many of us that wants to meet you!! Fingers crossed it's this week, still aiming for 10.30am for you ;)

Nic,Beren & Freya said...

Oh lovely hair !