Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Another lovely day

Was such a gorgeous day yesterday wanted to head out and enjoy the sunshine.
Went over to mums and from there to a playground that is closeish to her house, fabulous playground so much for Lauren to do, and she ran us ragged running all over to try the different things. Finally convinced her that lunch was a good idea ... and maybe just maybe we had to use the lure of an ice-cream ;)

After lunch where again I ate too much, we headed over to the animal park, Lauren pretty much ran through it, barely giving us time to look at the animals or catch a breath. She was a little dissapointed that she couldnt feed or pat the kangaroos/wallabies like she can at Lone Pine. But all in all a fabulous couple of hours (we were only out there for 2 hours felt like muuuuuuch longer ;))

Went back to mums and I had a wee nap while Lauren pottered around mums house, was lovely.

and again .. a very overtired cranky little Lauren who was a real pain in the butski when it came to bedtime. But all is well.

Today is another day and a gorgeous one at that .. what can we do today .. im thinking some tidying/cleaning maybe .. ooh laundry .. its laundry day today!

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