Thursday, August 16, 2007

Has gone to my chest

Yay joy of joys!
Gab you are probably right, as nearly everyone gets sick at this stage of pregnancy! But it still sucks!
Got some nasty Olive Leaf Extract to take, and trying to rest as much as possible.
Going to try and get in to see a naturopath or homeopath as well to try and clear it.
Its normal for it to go to my chest when I get sick, had pnemonia as a baby so pretty much every cold goes straight to my chest.

Bub has to stay put for longer now, I do not want to give birth when sick. So you listening Dax? Unless of course I cough the baby out.

Damien has taken another carers day off to help out with lauren & cleaning up .. so lets see if he does!

Back to bed for me.


Nic,Beren & Freya said...

Poor you (hugs) back to bed and dont move till your better.

Rae said...

Shoo sickness! Hope you're hearty and healthy very soon. :)

Gab said...

LOL at the images of coughing a baby out!!! what a novel way to give birth hahah
stay put Dax, mum needs her breathing back to normal.. needs her lungs at capacity for roaring :D :D