Thursday, June 28, 2007

Yay Sore Throat

Im in a FABULOUS mood today, cranky little girl getting over being sick, cranky mummy who is getting sick. (and is tired, sore yada yada yada)

Lauren went to mums for 4 hours yesterday, but silly me didn't do any relaxing, spent some time walking around shops and doing some errands etc By the time I went to pick Lauren up I was wishing I had a nap. Lauren fell asleep on the way home from mums and I was hoping she would stay asleep (she has done before) but she woke at 5pm, so didn't go to sleep till 9.15ish, and I followed not long after, so there went my night.

*whinge complain*
I'm hoping today is not going to be shitty, but I have very low tolerance today wahhhh Need to go get some mega- vit c for me, some iron (im out of it probably contributing to shittyness), and some bits and pieces to get the fish tank up and running again. Of course I *really* feel like going out today, maybe I can crawl into a hole somewhere.


anastasia_wolf said...

*hugs* hope the vit c knocks it on its head!

Nic,Beren & Freya said...

((Hugs)) hope its better tommorow. geez it must be the week for sick people.