Thursday, June 07, 2007

Operation Declutter Computer Room - Again

So I am SICK of the computer room being such a mess with 'stuff' so my mission over the next 2 days is to declutter it, throw out stuff, reorganise 'stuff' I think this room is what people call a 'hotspot' seems to attract .... STUFF!!

Ok so maybe being 6 months pregnant some nesting has kicked in, but I *need* this room tidy and decluttered darnit!!

So I will put a list here so I can see how I'm doing too:

- Tidy up computer desks, file important documents, recycle/shred others, put 'stuff' away/throwout
-Tidy up bookcase, pack books away that don't get read, and empty box of books that is sitting on the floor on to the shelf.
- Clean top of dresser up, put stuff away/throwout
- Clean our wire baskets that are beside desk, relocate everything/throw out, put wire baskets somewhere else
- Put baby clothes/nappies/homebirth supplies .. somewhere :S Maybe in wire baskets.

I think that will do it :S :S .. babysteps ... think I will tackle the computer desks first.

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