Tuesday, June 05, 2007


*whinge complain*

My poor monkey had a temp of 39 all day yesterday, so we had a day of cuddles and lots of tv.
Which was ok, nice, quiet .. low maintenance.
She had a really unsettled night, so I am so exhausted right now. She was in with us last night so thats something, but she woke lots, needing cuddles to go back to sleep.

But today .. omg .. she is so much better, the fever (left to naturally run its course) obviously knocked whatever it was on the head, I have been giving her vit c tablets to help keep it away, well .. yesterday she had the same tablets but I am guessing she was feeling so rotten she wasn't affected by them ... today .. different story. She is sensitive to flavourings/colourings, they didn't have the usual ones we get (which she doesn't seem to react too badly too) well .. she has been hyper LOUD girl ALL day, going to take her a while to wind down for sleep tonight, I think it will probably involve a meltdown or two.

I so hope bedtime isn't a drama, I'm just too tired to have the patience to deal with it.

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Nic and Beren said...

Hope you both get some sleep tonight.