Friday, August 18, 2006

Long time .. again

Im such a slack blogger.
I got sick of my pretty blog too, so went for something basic lol

Gee what is happening with us.
Madness and mayhem
Nah its all pretty good actually :)
Lauren is becoming more and more toilet aware, spends all day in undies/pants, nappy for nap & nighttime. Tells us when she wants to wee/poo off we race to potty or toilet whichever is closer.

Starting to get stuck into the packing, only a month or so till we are going to be moving the bulk of our stuff into storage at Damien's grans house. Then early october we will move us and the rest up. SCARY, but also looking forward to a change :) Being near the beach etc Maybe Barb can teach me how to sew, I might pay more attention to her than my own mother lol

I have so much crap to sort through, its nuts!!

I have been a bad picklehead too, have lots the oomph for scrapping atm, hoping it comes back really soon!!

WE got some family photos taken last weekend, I LOVE them sooooo much, so thank you L!! They are so perfectly US!

I leave you with a photo of my sleeping beauty


anastasia_wolf said...

Finally! lol And I don't hate the new look, though it is a bit pink for me ;).

Geez, you have a month to pack, I have a week! ROFL!!

Narelle said...

finally! that was the longest wait ever!

Kristie said...

Love the new look! :) though agree with stace - bit pink for me ;)

Kristie said...

*laughs* the family photos are fantastic - but OMG, the "smile" pic looks like the two of you have a plastic rod going through your heads!

Baa Bum Mum said...

Wowee I love those photos of your family, they are so beautiful! I'm all inspired to get some taken of Felix and I now! (I do think your own photos are just as good and some better)
and yay for you posting! (I check your clog all the time ;))

Lis said...

Just gorgeous photos Dee, love them!!