Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Heading up the coast

My BIL & his wife are up from Melbourne at the moment, staying with my ILs.
Lauren & I are heading up the coast today to spend some time with them all, Damien is joining us on thursday night.

Will be nice, SIL adores Lauren so it will be great for them to have a fair bit of time to play and spend time :) and of course my ILs, although once we move in .. lots of time .. :S

I should get the chance to have a break also as there will be 2 more people to entertain lauren (or be entertained *by* Lauren)

Lots to do this morning, got to pack .. duh .. wash the nappies .. oh shit have to do that now..

Not much else happening in the world of Dee, hoping for a lovely 4 days :) The weather gods should be smiling on us, its been gorgeous lately. Will probably take Lauren to the beach tomorrow morning :)

So hopefully LOTS of photos when we get back :)


Janie said...

Have a happy holiday!

fazzbech said...

A break! Fantastic! Have a wonderful time, and I'm expecting more brilliant pics of gorgeous Lauren from you!

Nic and Beren said...

Hope you have a fun time :-)

craftychic said...

Hope you are having a great time up there.

Love your revamped blog too!