Monday, August 28, 2006

Internet .. thats what its called right?

I have had soo much offline time lately!! Spent a lovely 4 days up the coast :)
Have also gotten back into reading, Stacey lent me The Red Tent I couldn't put it down, spent some lovely hours reading it, really enjoyed it. Up the coast I borrowed White Gardenia from my MIL, another book I am motoring though, I am really enjoying laying on teh lounge and reading, it helps my mind wind down, and it also means spending more time in Laurens company, I can easily put down the book and give my girl cuddles, I used to read .. a LOT, all the time before I got so hooked up with this computer, so I am enjoying taking some time out. Can anyone give me a list of recommended reads, or a link to a blog or website that has that sort of thing? I like reading pretty much anything! (maybe only fiction at the moment though, an enjoying that escape)

But another OMG moment ... I scrapped!!! Yes I did, first time in what feels like forever!!!

Credit: DebF - SerendipitousDays avail @
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Lis said...

Oh I have heard sooo much about The Red Tent...can't wait to get a copy from the libary (when it finally gets returned!).

Hope you had a lovely few days away! Gorgeous LO.

Nic and Beren said...

Oh I just have to re-borrow The Red Tent, I only got a little way in then had to return it. Oh I love books too, but spend far too much time online as well.

Lovely LO.

fazzbech said...

Sounds like you're loving your break from scrapping - always good to do that every now and then I think :o)

But you haven't lost your touch - beautiful layout!

Anonymous said...

gorgeous LO

Have fun rekindling your love of books, the only ones I'm getting a chance to read at the moment are "hairy maclary" and "hello baby" (which at least is lovely but not the 1500th time!)