Monday, August 21, 2006

I've got monday on my mind

So here I sit on another monday morning!
Had apretty full on weekend, well no not really .. but ..
Went out to a big Lifeline store with mum on saturday, bought a couple of toys for Lauren, books for Damien .. nada for me *rolls eyes* isn't it the way!

On Sunday Lauren & I drove down to visit Stacey, Jake & Kira :D Was great to see them again :)
Saw Katanya & Felix as well, the kidlets had so much fun playing together :D
Got some super cute photos, I will post one up here ;)
TOday I am hoping to get out to Ikea to get the pots & pans for Lauren's birthday, its creeping up! I also need to head out and get the invites printed so I can send them! Although everyone who is coming knows about it ;)

Soon my coffee will be finished *sigh* and I need to go and do the dishes .. joy ..

Here is some cuteness to sweeten your day :D

Storyboard by Lanne @ "Snow White and the Seven Storyboards" set


Sif said...

Dumb question coming... Is that Lauren? OMG, she seems to have grown all of a sudden! Very cute, as always!

_Dee_ said...

Nooo its Kira!! *giggles*

THey look so completely different ;)

Baa Bum Mum said...

LOL @ sif!

I LOVE those pics..I have millions will try to find someto publish!

Rae said...

You're an artist! What a beautiful layout. :)

fazzbech said...

Busy, busy, busy! Now thats a really different idea for a storyboard, it looks great!