Monday, April 23, 2007


So its monday again.
Off to HMA (Homebirth Support Group) today, which I am looking foward to :) I like connecting to other women with similar views and beliefs as me :) A friend with her 3 week old bubba is hoping to come *excited*

So Damien the slack ass didn't vacumn yesterday, so I guess I will be doing that today! Also didn't do the 'pick up', so something else I will be doing today. At least kitchen/dishes are done.

So list for today
  • Pick up 'stuff'
  • Do vacuuming that Damien didn't do grrrr
  • Mop
  • Bake choc chip cookies all before 9am woooot!
Yay for short list ;)

Don't really have any scrapping mojo atm *sigh*


anastasia_wolf said...

Argh kick him.

Have fun today, I have to wait a whole week for HMA!

katef said...

hey stop wasting all that scrapping mojo on cleaning and you will be fine! LOL

Chris said...

A little less cleaning and spend some time doing other fun things Dee. You knoe I learn't ages ago that HW never disappears and is always there no matter how much of it you do. Clean today and tomorrow you do the same but at the end of the day spending time with kids and family and friends and doing what you love is more important. :) Hope you had a lovely time at HMA!!!!

Janie said...

Wow you got things done quick today! but Ditto to what Chris said. Enjoy HMA!