Saturday, April 21, 2007

A list for Saturday

So last night I started cleaning the oven lol, today going to finish it (I dont use the nasty caustic chemically stuff, so lots of elbow grease hehe)

  • Finish cleaning oven & racks
  • Tidy Laurens room
  • Do umpteen loads of washing and hang out 2 down, one in machine and one yet ot be washed
  • Clean bathrooms/toilets2.21pm
  • Get Damien to vacumn
  • Grocery shopping .. KID FREE!!
That'll do it


anastasia_wolf said...

See you ARE a domestic goddess. :P

katef said...

ok so you are scrapping up a storm and cleaning... I think I am worried about you!

Janie said...

WTG on that list!