Friday, April 20, 2007

*gasp* A POST

Well yes posts have been few & far between, I'm a slackass what can I say.
So all my baby type posts are here on my vox blog.

SO I need to do updates about me & Lauren.

Lauren, gosh where do I start, some days she is a normal 2.5year old and then she opens her mouth, I feel like I am having conversations with some one much older. Her vocab is amazing, and scary. She understands and can vocalise so much.
She is a firecracker, a frustrating, independent (some days, others days its 'help me')beautiful, amazing, cheeky little girl.. I love her so much, and on some days are endlessly frustrated.

She is *finally* going to sleep without booby, mainly because it was hurting too much with pregnancy. I never thought I would see the day tbh, but now we read stories, then lights go out I sing, rub her back, tell her Princess Lauren stories and she rolls over and goes to sleep its bliss, and if she wakes during the night (not often) she cuddles back to sleep as well, at first it was "booobiieeeee" but now has accepted she doesn't have any till she wakes up. When she does wake up (usually btwn 5-6) she has some then, but its not for very long.

I was feeling so terrible that the end of our breastfeeding relationship was so negative, I was HATING breastfeeding, it hurt, I had a real aversion to it. Not that I love it anymore, but I can tolerate it for a short while, I want the last feeds to be comfy not with me going "GET OFF GET OFF"

Where am I at. Pregnant! hehe Doing ok, I *was* on top of hte housework, but it takes one night of slack sleep and it has taken over again. Hopefully I can get back on top of it again. Feeling pretty good, although I have run out of MultiV's, I walked for a couple of mornings, but the last two havent happened *slack* I feel so great when I go for a morning walk.

I am scrapping again! Loving it :D
My latest:


List of things I should get done today:
  • Put away clean washing
  • Put away maternity clothes(in closet)
  • Put away clothes I no longer fit & summer clothes
  • Put shredded paper in recycle bin cause I know I wont remember to take to pet store
  • Pick up crap from floor of computer room
  • Put dishwasher on
  • Tidy/clean kitchen
  • Clean bathrooms
  • Change linen on beds

There that should do it

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