Monday, April 30, 2007

Monday again!

MIL is coming down this afternoon to stay for a couple of nights.
Thankfully the house is in pretty good condition, got the majority of cleaning done on saturday, and last little bits of tidying up done last night.
Just need to vacumn today, and sweep up outside and I'm done! Oh and do a couple of loads of laundry and go grocery shopping lol

I love having things tidy, makes me feel good about myself, I have fallen into the trap of letting housework go for so long, I am enjoying being on top of it :) Hope it continues!!

Went through Laurens baby clothes yesterday *gush*, even if this baby is a boy I think its set for the first 3 months of life with gender neutral clothing, and even a couple of items that Lauren never wore as they were a bit too boyish.
If this baby is a girl, its set for life hehe

Was getting all gushy looking at the 0000 wondersuits *happy sigh*

Ok off to do those things!


katef said...

you know all this house work gloating only makes me justify my lack there of even more! LOL
And awww... baby clothes! My girls and I actually bought some 000 stuff on Sunday for the baby... despite the fact that like you, if this one is a girl it will be set for life! LOL

anastasia_wolf said...

Hehe yes the domestic goddessness is lovely. I can't believe it only took me 5 minutes to get the kitchen and living room presentable! Floor needs a vacuum but it'll keep hehe.

Chris said...

You wanna come do mine The housework that is. Good to see you are back on top with it all. It sure doesn't take long for it to get under your feet.
Oooh how I miss babies and baby clothes Dee.