Thursday, February 07, 2008

Operation Organisation - Playroom & Dining

WOOT! Both those rooms look SO much better, I have a wonderful friend to thank :) She came, she saw, she made a list, we went to Ikea, she tidied, she organised, I settled a baby, fed a baby, tried to help! I am just so very grateful to my wonderful, thoughtful, organised, generous friend! I just cannot express my gratitude enough! So big *mwahs* to you L :)

SO here are the photos!


katef said...

oooooh I am so envious... but I need more details. Come on.. share the tips that the organising goddess gave you, please!

lanne said...

You are soooo welcome. I am so pleased to see you beaming and being happy again :)

Rachael said...

Oh I love it! And want my own organisation fairy godmother! Enjoy :D