Sunday, February 10, 2008


Its all coming together :)
Its so nice that everything in Lauren's playroom has a home.
She is getting into the tidy up thing too, and its working so far that she can have a tub or two down of toys at a time but if she wants to play with something else the stuff she has down has to be sorted into the right tubs and put back on the shelf, she is initiating it too :D

Lounge room is looking tidier with a 'bucket' for Anya's toys. Excess toys on the cleared shelves in the playroom wardrobe.

Tidied/decluttered the linen closet today 2 'garden' rubbish bags full of sheets/doona covers to go to St Vinnies, another big bag of old rubbishy stuff.

Also tidied/decluttered Laurens room looks great :) All her old Size1 & 2 clothes are now in 2 tubs that used to be in the playroom instead of the two broken spacebags that just looked messy, they are now neatly stacked in the wardrobe :)

Also tidied our bedroom, the floor was a magnet for clothes! (Anya's clothes mainly but now I dress her in the loungeroom so hopefully wont be an issue anymore)

Next room to attack is the 'computer room' now this isn't just a computer room it is actually the 'master bedroom' but we moved our bed out a while back and it has the two computers in it now, but also has our massive chest of drawers, bookshelf, hutch dresser and the wardrobe wth our clothes in it(which is an absolute shambles) this room scares me ... it is such a clutter magnet so its going to really need a going over and some storage solutions put in place ... wish me luck! I was going to be doing it today but best laid plans and all that.

Leaving you with some photo cuteness


The Organisational Fairy Godmother said...

I am sooo excited for you. I love reading you being so happy with your IS all possible.. it WILL all happen.. this is the last tough week.. adn then.. it is just a matter of maintaining .. which you can do so easily - much less effort than cleaning cleaning and never feeling like you get anywhere.. how unrewarding..

well done to you!!! *hop hip Hoorray*

Dee said...

:D Thank you so much fairy godmuzzah (really bad accent hehe)
The computer room really does scare me but I will tackle it! :D

Bec said...

Those photos are beautiful Dee. I'm so happy to hear about your new organisational accomplishments. You are inspiring me - thank-you!