Monday, July 16, 2007

About time for an update!

Since the last post what has happened.
I had some maternity photos taken, GORGEOUS, so happy with them, they turned out wonderfully!
Here are a couple of my favourites

I had a tummy bug on wednesday night, was horrible. Up all night with stomach cramps, barely any sleep, finally throwing up at 1am, and again at 6.30. Thursday was a write off, I was so weak and felt dreadful. Damien thankfully was able to take a 'carers' day off. By friday I was much better thankfully!
No one else got the tummy bug either, thank goodness!! But Damien now has a cold and conjunctivitis, JOY, and I am fighting off the same cold.
So we (apart from Lauren) have been/are a house of sickies!
Because of being sick I had to cancel my midwife appt on thursday, so rescheduled it for tomorrow :)

33 weeks pregnant today!! Madness, only 7 weeks to go..
Stacey only has like 2 and a bit ... give or take :P Its so exciting, babies in the air!! I cannot wait to meet all the new babies *happy gooey sigh*

I am so not ready though, mentally maybe, but there is so much 'stuff' that I need to buy/borrow/fix up/get/organise .. so really should get started on my list, I have the list but need to print it so I can actually see what needs to be done.
I'm getting sick of these braxton hicks, and they are only going to get more intense over the next 7 weeks ... noooooooo


Nic,Beren & Freya said...

Oh dear hope you feel better soon. All these sick people everywhere, its not fun at all.

mer said...

Oh WOW Dee those photos are simply perfect!! Wow!
I miss you.

Chris said...

Wow Dee look at that gorgeous bellu of yours...beautiful. Sorry to hear you've been sick and hope all is better. Take care girl and pop your feet up.