Friday, September 29, 2006

Too much TV

Of late Lauren has been watchign TOO much tv, made me feel sick. So it has stopped.
She is allowed to watch two movies, or two blocks of TV, one in the morning one in the afternoon.

I feel so much better for it, I'm getting more housework done and she is playing with her toys/books etc so much more. I just hope I can keep it up.

She is asking for tV but I am managing to distract her
For example just now she said "Watch blues clues?" I said no not until this afternoon, so straight away she asked for Booby so im guesing booby is something that she 'does' iykwim, but now she is distracted with a torch and has forgotten about both booby & blues clues.

I have cleaned up kitchen & dining room today and feel so good for it, have also just put al lthe beans back into her beanbag, had to wash the cover as it was stinky, putting beans back into a beanbag is a hell 0f a lot easier than taking them out *lol*

Ok a photo and maybe some LOs to follow, not right now as Lauren is hanging off the desk.

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