Friday, September 22, 2006

Friday is what friday does

So its friday again, Damien has a flex day on monday .. woot! So hopefully we can have a nice family day :) (although just realised school holidays has started by then too .. ick!)

So it looks like we will be moving early January. So I have a few months to get all packed up thank goodness, also means we will be here for xmas, surrounded by boxes, but here ;)

Lauren looked like she was going to get a doozy of a cold, she had a fever for a couple of days and a snotty sounding nose, she still has a snotty sounding nose, but heres hoping it doesn't develop, lots of booby milk, fluids and rest.

I am on a mission to get photos printed, I haven't had photos printed since our trip to NZ last christmas, and for like months before that. So I have been through January of this year and edited and got it printed. Now on to february, I am hoping to get this year done, and then go back and do last year, and the year before that .. *groans* It will be nice to have the photos where we can actually enjoy looking through them though, at the moment they are all on the PC and well barely get looked at!

I also need to get frames for the photos we had taken, I went to Target cause they have 20% off frames, but just seems like a lot of money still :( Wish I could find some decent frames for like super cheap. Maybe just get some el cheapo ones and when we get super rich, buy some nice ones.

Lauren's latest 'thing' has been "I like.." or "Lauren likes..", we made gingerbread men at the beginning of the week, she was eating one yesterday, ate his head/legs/arms/icing and then asked for another, I said to her "You only want the icing don't you?" she grinned and said "I like icing" lol! So yesterday heard lots of "I like boobies" "I love mummy I love Nana I love poohbear I love.." etc etc

She is just so aware of everything, its frightening how clever she is.


Lee said...

These pics are so precious, love them and the same applies to the previous posts too :)

loz said...

Awww gorgeous pictures and I so hear you about getting photos printed I shudder to think how many I have to go through here lol

Lis said...

Gosh that girl of yous is just so huggable!! She's gorgeous!