Friday, September 15, 2006


Those who have Beta accounts cannot comment on posts of those who don't SUCKS ROYALLY
So Kristie, I sent big *big hugs* and lots of strength.

In other breaking news, looks like we won't be moving up the coast till early next year, and the plans have apparently changed (the house plans) ILs are coming down today to 'discuss' it. Love how they just ring the night before and say "we are coming down tomorrow, is that ok?" I mean it is ok, but what if it wasn't? Would I be made to feel guilty??? I felt like saying "Well no actually, Lauren & I will be out all day but feel free to come in and make tea"

STrugglign at teh moment with my stupid hormonal mood swings, and Laurens .. testing of the boundaries, I am really finding it hard to deal with, does anyone have any suggestions of things I can read to help me help her through this? My initial response to everything seems to be frustration, anger, raised voice and its helping no one.

But to finish off the post with some sunshine & light ;)
"Don't photo me!"


Anonymous said...

leah speaking - i hear you on the whoremoans and boundaries :)

the toddler stuff, the thing i had to grapple with most was my expectation that it shouldnt be happening - that if i was proactive enough i could eliminate it all. but i couldn't. so accepting that helped me emotionally.

then i also realised i needed to be firmer faster because of the way we both are - this might be totally different for you two. but it stopped stuff escalating for us.

i know there is a common theme that 3 is the new 2 for ap kids, but I have really found that she was hallmark 2 for about 14 months ... from 2 years old to a bit past two and now she is a LOT better at hearing what I say. She still cracks it but I can't recall her lying on the floor screaming of late or similar :) She's eased up just as I felt I was getting a handle on it LOL

Hanna said...

As you know I'm no mother, but I take interest in the subject so I have seen qite a few nanny shows, and read parenting articles and from what I've learned, this behavior is perfectly normal. If she wasn't testing her boundaries at some point, something would probably be wrong! But that doesn't make it any more pleasant, does it. I found this link, maybe it's silly to you or it will give some ideas:
(Yes, Dr Phil...)

_Dee_ said...

Yikes!!! :|
That article is scary, he has some valid points but the title on its own "How to TAME your 2yr old" had me running in the opposite direction.

"Try ignoring the crying. And rather than assisting them in response to tears, you could say, "We'll be glad to help you when you can pull yourself together and ask for help in a big boy voice." The message being: it's not good to cry about small things."

Ok im hoping that this is aimed at much much older children, gah! Sorry Hanna but Dr Phil has some good things to say but most of this stuff goes against a lot of my parenting beliefs, but thanks :D

katef said...

just to let you know Miss Dee.. if you create yourself another blogger account with the old blogger and sign in with that to post them you can post comments... easy as pie hey!

Loving the new look... and feeling your pain :)