Sunday, July 02, 2006


I did everything on the list in the previous post, ILs came down yesterday, hence the list ;)

Ok briefly
We live in this house owned by ILs, we rent from them really cheaply. Its a fairly old house with some structural problems. They are going to demolish it and build a new house on the LOT for us to live in, with an area for them to live in (with bathroom, kitchenette etc) as FIL works in brisbane a fair bit, and at the moment it commuting to & From the Sunshine Coast every day.
THis is all good, very excited about new house.. not so excited about moving in with them for 7+ months .. it will be very helpful in saving money etc etc, but eeek!
I think we need to give it at least 3 months, if we really hate it, we will find somewher cheap to rent.

Oh and this is all happening in October, so I am going to have to start sorting & packing soon as I have a lot of crap hehe

To finish off some photos of Lauren *gasp* no way!


katef said...

Oh I love that photo of Lauren in the rain coat.. has given me an idea for a scrapping challenge/give away!

Lis said...

Wow, a brand new house to live in, how cool!!

GORGEOUS photo of Miss Lauren :)

fazzbech said...

Well done on the to-do list, you're a better woman than I! Sounds like you're going to get very busy very soon! Or busier should I say? ;) Gorgeous pics of Lauren too!