Friday, July 07, 2006


Does my housework get so out of hand?
My list for today which I WILL finish!!!!
WOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! I will mop when Miss L goes to sleep, and she *will* go to sleep, she really needs it when she is sick, so might have to resort to taking her for a drive. Yayayayayay, it feels so good to get that stuff done, the house really needs a DEEP clean, but heck its being knocked down in 3 months whats the point ;)

  • Tidy study, put away clean laundry on floor
  • Clean bathrooms Just a surface clean
  • Tidy Laurens room, put away clean nappies on the floor, change the sheets on her bed
  • Tidy bedroom, change the sheets on our bedEven hung doona & blanket on line to air in sunshine
  • Tidy kitchen, do dishes, pick up the STUFF that is all over the floor
  • Tidy dining room, pick up the STUFF all over the floor, make it so you can actually see the dining table
  • Tidy lounge room .. again pick up the STUFF all over the floor
  • Vacumn all carpets & tiles
  • Mop all tiles
There! That should be achievable .. right?? First thing I need to do it get off this soulsucker!


Nic and Beren said...

Geee thats heaps. Have fun ! LOL

anastasia_wolf said...

I empathise, the house is clean, and the next time I look around it's a pigsty. How? :D

Lis said...

Hope you got it all done!!! Hope Miss Lauren is feeling better too :)

fazzbech said...

Well done on getting through it Dee!

Anonymous said...

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