Monday, April 17, 2006


So I'm getting sick.
On friday (the day we went up the coast) I was feeling awful all day, had a mild fever and just achey and awful. Was in bed before 8pm.

Felt 100% better Saturday/Sunday. But today.. ughorama. Sore throat/glands/headache. Just feel ick.

Lauren was super tantrummy & 'off' all weekend too, so I'm thinking she must be feeling like me. So .. yay . .*sigh*

Not happy jan.


Heather said...

Hope you are feeling loads better!!! Hope you had a lovely weekend :)

Lis said...

Oh Dee, bugga! Hope you are feeling better soon! Rest up!

_Dee_ said...

Thanks Ladies *mwah*

anastasia_wolf said...

*hugs* poor darlings :(.