Saturday, October 13, 2007

One month, one week, two days

Well this title would have looked cooler if i had remembered to post it yesterday!

Blatant copy & paste from my vox blog ;)

My serious little girl gives us the BIGGEST smiles now :) Its sooo precious. Big cheesy grins, sweet little smiles, and almost laughs. LOVE it!

She also slept from 8.30-3am last night :o My left boob had leaked a lot hehe my singlet was soaked, had to change it ;)

Things are plodding along well, she feeds roughly 3 hourly I think .. I really don't know this time around! Is becoming more alert and spending more time laying on her mat nappy free just checking things out.

She isn't sleeping so well unless in arms, so is often in wrap or sling asleep. I am going to get a hammock to see if she likes that, will be very helpful if she does.

Lauren is settling, but still goes silly when I have people over, I think its a "Look at ME not the baby" thing

So on to photos!!


Lanne said...

Awww we need a playdate so i can FINALLY have a cuddle - honestly you would think I didnt want one (SO NOT TRUE!).. I will return the DVDs and bring morning tea ASAP. Now if only people would stop booking shoots so I could have a social life.. hehe.
(not really complaining but i am at 11 locations in the next 2 weeks :)

Your place or mine?

katef said...

oooh gorgeous!

Nic,Beren & Freya said...

Oh shes so sweet ! And love the little dress she's wearing too.