Thursday, November 16, 2006

An Update

Sorry it has been so long, living in a fog atm, and trying to recover from camping.
Not up to a big post about the camping trip, but it wasnt what I had hoped :(

So my Dad only has months, maybe up to a year to live. :( :( :(
Lauren, Mum & I fly over tomorrow morning going to make the most of the time we spend with him.

Its just so unfair. I had a big bawl up at camping when I heard the news, I think I was in a bit of shock too, like I hadn't let myself believe it was all true until I heard those words. I am so thankful I was surrounded by friends.

I am sick with a cold atm which triples the ickyness of everything.
Will update more when I get back.


Nic and Beren said...

Im so sorry to hear that Dee (((Hugs))) Its really not fair.

Lisa said...

*hugs* So sorry to hear that Dee :( Keeping you and your dad in my thoughts. I hope you get over your cold soon :(

Bin Mitch's Mum said...

So sorry Dee (((((hugs)))))

fazzbech said...

Keeping you and your Dad in my thoughts too Dee. I'm so sorry your camping trip didn't turn out how you planned.

Hugs for you all at this tough time.